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Apr. 22nd:  At about 10am Monday morning, a few kids were playing football at a residence on the west end of Lake Poinsett.   More Info.

Apr. 13th:  Two men arrested for connects in an attempted burglary in rural Castlewood, a motor vehicle theft in Lake Norden and for failure to report an accident in rural Hayti. 

Apr. 9th:  Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck, Deputy Molitor and Deputy Barthel were at the Estelline School for DARE Graduation. 


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Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck and the employees at the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office would like to welcome you to our department's website. 

Hamlin County, South Dakota is home to about ten lakes to include most of Lake Poinsett, six communities, three schools and five federal and state highways.  The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office covers 538 square miles and serves over 5,900 people with a sheriff, three deputy sheriffs and one secretary.  The department duties include... 24/7 electronic alcohol monitoring, answers calls of service, background fingerprinting, civil/criminal paper service, issues concealed pistol permits, investigates accidents and crime, transport prisoners, safety talks, security of the courts, speed radar trailer project, traffic enforcement and works within the communities and schools throughout Hamlin County. 



Since 1873, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office has been serving the county and continues with the help and support of the citizens.  Our department's goal is to work hard to prevent crime, keep the peace and help keep our communities, our citizens, our visitors and our highways within the county safe. 

Serving our communities with honesty, integrity and professionalism
with leaders we trust and character that counts.



Hamlin County Sheriff's Office Information

Department's Mailing Address:
PO Box 208; Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0208

Department's Physical Address:
300 4th Street; Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0208
Main Floor of the Courthouse

Department's Phone Number:
Emergency Calls or Report an Accident:  9-1-1
Business Hours Line:  (605) 783-3232
After Hours, Watertown Dispatch:  (605) 882-6210

24-Hour Fax Number:
(605) 783-1330

Office Hours at Courthouse:
Monday through Friday
8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. Central Time Zone
Closed for Legal Holidays and December 24th