Hamlin County Sheriff's Office Civil Process:

The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office along with other sheriff's offices across the country do civil process within their area. By South Dakota State Law 7-12-18, the sheriff's office is allow to collect a fee for civil papers, criminal papers, warrants and execution of judgment. On average the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office spends about five to ten hours a week serving papers throughout the county by sheriff's deputies or the sheriff.

According to the 2009 Sheriff Management Study by the South Dakota Attorney General's Criminal Statistical Analysis Center, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office serviced 440 civil papers and had 22 execution of judgments.

If you have any questions or need papers service done by our office, please contact Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck or Heidi Trautner between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday at (605) 783-3232, expect for holidays.  Thank you.

Civil Process Fees:

Affidavit: $25.00 plus mileage
Complaint:  $25.00 plus mileage
Execution of Judgment: $35.00
Notice: $25.00 plus mileage
Petition: $25.00 plus mileage
Protection Order Service:  No Charge
Quit to Vacate Order:  $25.00 plus mileage
Small Claims Papers:  $25.00 plus mileage
Subpoena:  $10.00 plus mileage
Summons:  $25.00 plus mileage
Warrants:  $25.00

Mileage:  $0.43 per mile



Hamlin County Sheriff's Office is a Member of the South Dakota Sheriff's Association

Business Line: (605) 783-3232 | Dispatch Line: (605) 882-6210
Fax Line: (605) 783-1330