Regular Permit: $10

- You must be 18 years-of age or older
- You must never pled guilty to, nolo contendere to, or been convicted of a felony or a crime of violence
- You must not habitually in an intoxicated or drugged condition
- You cannot have any history of violence
- You must not been found in the previous ten years to be a "danger to others" or a "danger to self" as defined in SDCL 27A-1-1

- You cannot be currently adjudged mentally incompetent
- You must have physically resided in and is a resident of the county where the application is being made for at least 30 days.
- You cannot have no violations of chapter 23-7, firearms control, 22-14, unlawful use of weapons, or 22-42, controlled substances; marijuana, constituting a felony or misdemeanor in the five years preceding the date of application or is not currently charged under
- You must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States; and Is not a fugitive from justice.

Enhance Permit: $100

- You must have all the requirement under the regular permit

- A copy of the applicant's fingerprints for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any governmental agency or entity authorized to receive such information, for a state, national, and international criminal history background check

- An authorization to run a fingerprint background check
- A separate payment for the cost of processing the fingerprint background check
- Proof that the applicant has successfully completed a qualifying handgun course as defined in SDCL 23-7-58 within the preceding 12 months or proof that the applicant is a current or former South Dakota law enforcement officer.  Enhanced Concealed Pistol Use of Force Instructors

​​STATE Laws on Concealed Weapons

For those who are applying for regular permits, you can stop at the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office located on the main floor of the courthouse during normal business hours.  You must have your driver's license and $10 in cash or check.  You will have to fill out an application at the office before an temporary permit can be issue. 

Those who are applying for enhance permits, please contact Sheriff Schlotterbeck for more information on the process. 

​​HOW to Apply

Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

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​​TYPE of Permit, Fees and Requirements

SDCL 22-14-9.  Carrying Pistol or Revolver Without a Permit
Any person, other than a law enforcement officer or parole agent acting under color of authority, who:  (1) Carries a pistol or revolver, loaded or unloaded, concealed on or about his or her person without a permit as provided in chapter 23-7; or  (2)  Carries a pistol or revolver, loaded or unloaded, concealed in any vehicle while operating the vehicle, without a permit as provided in chapter 23-7; is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

SDCL 22-14-10.   Lawful Uses of Unloaded Pistols or Revolvers--Concealment--Exempt from Permit Requirement. The provisions of § 22-14-9 do not apply to any person carrying any unloaded pistol or revolver for the purpose of, or in connection with, any lawful use, if the unloaded pistol or revolver is carried:  (1)  In the trunk or other closed compartment of a vehicle; or (2) In a closed container which is too large to be effectively concealed on the person or within the person's clothing. The container may be carried in a vehicle or in any other manner.  No person who complies with this section may be required to obtain a permit for the lawful uses described in this section.

SDCL 22-14-11.   License Not Required for Weapon in Own Home, Business, or Property. The provisions of § 22-14-9 do not apply to any person who possesses a pistol or revolver in his or her own dwelling house or place of business or on land owned or rented by himself or herself or by a member of his or her household.

SDCL 22-14-23.   Possession in County Courthouse.  Except as provided in § 22-14-24, any person who knowingly possesses or causes to be present any firearm or other dangerous weapon, in any county courthouse, or attempts to do so, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

SDCL 23-7-8.1.   Form and Contents of Permit and Enhanced Permit. The secretary of state shall prescribe the form of the permit to carry a concealed pistol and the form of the enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol pursuant to § 23-7-8. Each permit shall list the applicant's name, address, and the expiration date of the permit. The enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol must clearly designate that the permit is enhanced. The holder of a permit may carry a concealed pistol anywhere in South Dakota except in any licensed on-sale malt beverage or alcoholic beverage establishment that derives over one-half of its total income from the sale of malt or alcoholic beverages. Nothing in this section prevents law enforcement officers, parole agents, security guards employed on the premises, and other public officials with the written permission of the sheriff from carrying concealed weapons in the performance of their duties or prevents home or business owners from carrying concealed weapons on their property pursuant to § 22-14-11.

13-32-7.   Possession of Firearms on or in Elementary or Secondary School Premises or Vehicle.  Any person, other than a law enforcement officer or school sentinel acting pursuant to § 13-64-1, who intentionally carries, has in his possession, stores, keeps, leaves, places, or puts into the possession of another person, any firearm, or air gun, whether or not the firearm or air gun is designed, adapted, used, or intended primarily for imitative or noisemaking purposes, or any dangerous weapon, on or in any elementary or secondary school premises, vehicle, or building or any premises, vehicle, or building used or leased for elementary or secondary school functions, whether or not any person is endangered by such actions, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. This section does not apply to starting guns while in use at athletic events, firearms, or air guns at firing ranges, gun shows, and supervised schools or sessions for training in the use of firearms. This section does not apply to the ceremonial presence of unloaded weapons at color guard ceremonies.

​​CONCEALED Pistol Permits