Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

​“Serving our communities with honesty, integrity and professionalism with leaders we trust and character that counts”

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​​SHERIFF Chad Schlotterbeck

​​DEPUTY Jamie Lantgen

Hamlin County, South Dakota is home to about ten lakes to include most of Lake Poinsett, six communities, three schools and five federal and state highways.  The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office covers 538 square miles and serves over 5,900 people with a sheriff, four full-time deputies and one full-time secretary.    

Since 1873, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office has been serving the county and continues with the help and support of the citizens.  Our department's goal is to work hard to prevent crime, keep the peace and help keep our communities, our citizens, our visitors and our highways within the county safe. 

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​​MEET Our Team

​​SECRETARY Heidi Trautner

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​​DEPUTY James Klimple

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​​DEPUTY Jonathon Barthel

Chief Deputy Tayt Alexander has over 10 years within the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office.  Before joining the department, Tayt received his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement Technology at Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Tayt was an active member of the explorers at the Brookings Police Department and received two region awards in 2003 and raised to the rank of captain.    

Tayt was hired by the Hamlin County Sheriff’s Office in the fall of 2005 and become chief deputy in 2013.  During the summer of 2016, Tayt became a D.A.R.E. instructor and won one award during training.       

Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck has over 20 years in law enforcement service with the Castlewood Police Department, Estelline Police Department and the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office.  Prior to his law enforcement career, he spent four years in the United State Air Force and two years with the South Dakota Air National Guard.  Chad has a B.A. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Science Management.

Chad was was appointed Sheriff in January 2013 and has been working diligently to make sure Hamlin County Sheriff's Office is always ready to respond.  Chad is an active member of the South Dakota Peace Officers and become President in 2016. 

​​CHIEF DEPUTY Tayt Alexander