Hamlin County Sheriff's Office

​“Serving our communities with honesty, integrity and professionalism with leaders we trust and character that counts”

The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office provides fingerprinting services for employment background checks, weapons permits, child adoption checks and so on.  If you need to have your fingerprints done, please contact our department at 605-783-3232 during normal business hours to set up an appointment.

Once your have an appointment set up, please call before coming.  Make sure to have your fingerprinting card(s) with you as the office does not have them available for you.     

Service Fee:  $10  (if you prints come back and you need to be reprinted because of an error, we will reprint you for free).  

​​SPEED Radar Trailer

It is the goal of the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office to provide the best service to the citizens and visitors of  Hamlin County.  The agency provides a number of services as well as different community and school projects throughout the year.

​​ALCOHOL Monitoring

Sheriff's offices across the country to include the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office do civil process within their jurisdiction. By South Dakota State Law 7-12-18, the sheriff's office is allow to collect a fee for civil papers, criminal papers, warrants and execution of judgment. On average the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office spends about five to ten hours a week serving papers throughout the county by sheriff's deputies or the sheriff.

According to the 2009 Sheriff Management Study by the South Dakota Attorney General's Criminal Statistical Analysis Center, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office serviced 440 civil papers and had 22 execution of judgments.
If you have any questions or need papers service done by our office, please contact Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck or Heidi Trautner during normal business hours.  

Our department takes an active role within the county and communities in different programs, meetings and educational presentations.  All our officers are active members of the LEPC that meets every few months with emergency management, fire departments, ambulance services and community members in the planning and training for emergency disasters. 

The department has been involved with many different programs such as bike safety, drug education for students, driver's education, mock accidents, community parades and various other programs. 

If there is a type of program or presentation you would like the sheriff's office to provide, please contact Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck during normal business hours at 605-783-3232.

​​TRAFFIC Enforcement

The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office had applied and was approved by the Hamlin County Commissioners in the spring of 2010 to proceed with a grant to obtain a speed radar trailer.  This trailer was purchased in the first part of 2011 and started it's service on April 1st, 2011.  The grant paid 80 percent of the project with the county paying the rest. 

While in service, motorist are alerted of their speed by an 18 inch red LED display.  If the motorist is over the posted speed limit, the display will start to flash.  Besides alerting the motorist, the trailer creates reports for the number of vehicle traveled, the average speed and the number of speeders at the location.  These reports are used to increase traffic enforcement during a period of time and used for future grants.

Traffic accidents interrupt lives / families, the flow of traffic and cost major money.  According to the 2014 South Dakota Annual Accident Report, Hamlin County saw 148 reported traffic accidents with over $581,800 in property damage.  During that year, 21 people were injured and one person killed as a result of crashes in the county. 

The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office works hard with the support of the citizens to help keep our communities, our citizens and our highways safe.  The goal for the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office is to reduce serous accidents within the county by the use of traffic enforcement, speed radar trailer project, saturation patrols in "problem areas" and the use of educational tools.  In 2013, one out of eight accidents in Hamlin County list speed as a factor in the crash and one out of fifteen are the results of distracted driving or the use of cell phone. The sheriff's office has also stopped 941 vehicles for speeding violations during the same year.

The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office along with other departments across the state take part in the 24/7 sobriety program which is overseen by the South Dakota Attorney General's Office.  This is more than just a program, but a commitment to working with chronic drunk driver defenders into changing their behavior and prevention of additional DWI or alcohol related arrests. 

This program started back in 2005 with one goal, to keep the defender sobriety 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. 

Currently, the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office only does the Electronic Alcohol Monitoring (picture from above).  This is any electronic instrument that is attached to a person and is capable of determining and monitoring the presence of alcohol in a person's body.  The person would have to come into the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office once a week, during normal business hours to do a download and pay for fees.

Electronic Alcohol Monitoring Fees: The current fees for the program is $6.00 per day ($42.00 per week) plus a hook up and disconnect fee.  The defender who starts the program would have to pay the $122 at the time of starting the program ($40 hook up fee,  $40 disconnect fee,  $42 for the one week of service).  The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office may, in addition to any other authorized sanction, remove a participant from electronic alcohol monitoring device testing if the defendant fails to pay the required fees and cost for the devices (2:06:03:08).  Any participant with an amount over $50 in overdue fees would be considered failure to pay fees and will be removed from the program. 

Written Order Needed: The court's written order and any written directive of the Board of Pardons and Parole, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Public Safety or any parole agent placing a person on the 24/7 sobriety program should include the method of testing and the time period the person is to be on the program (2:06:02:01).

If you have any questions about Electronic Alcohol Monitoring system or the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office 24/7 program, please contact Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck or Heidi Trautner at 605-783-3232 during normal business hours.   

Officers with the department invest many hours working on criminal case throughout the county as well as crime prevention. On average, the sheriff's office received 260 criminal violations in 2015 which range from class 2 misdemeanors to high felony cases.  The sheriff's office has worked with other local city and state agencies and has called to aid from outside departments on many different cases.

Some cases in the past have taken months to investigation with some remaining unsolved. The average officer in the department will investigate about 48 case per year.  As some television shows many portray that high felony case are solved in about an hour, this is mostly not true.  The Hamlin County Sheriff's Office works hard on these cases and to help prevent other crime by patrolling the county.

To help the sheriff's office and other law enforcement agencies to solve criminal cases, call 911 or your local law enforcement department if you see a crime being committed. Remember call when you are safe location.  If you wait, the crime will become harder to solve due to weather and other types of elements.

​​D.A.R.E. Classes


​​CIVIL Process



Chief Deputy Alexander and Deputy Barthel became certified D.A.R.E. instructors during the summer of 2016.  First time in Hamlin County Sheriff's Office history that an officer from the department will be teaching D.A.R.E. to 5th graders in all three schools within the county starting up in the fall of 2016.   

​​CRIMINAL Investigations